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About Us

New Real Estate Platform

HOME & DEAL believes that the buyers and sellers are the experts when it comes to their home and the home that they’re looking for.  Sure there is a place for the real estate expert but what the clients need from their real estate agent has changed dramatically with the advancement of technology.  The internet has brought the real estate market directly to the client’s fingertips. Clients are able to look at the homes directly online and many times the clients already know what they’re looking for before they ever choose a real estate agent.  Furthermore, the client is able to look at the homes at open houses because the open house schedule is available to them which allows the client to look at the home without the pressure of an agent being there with them trying to sell them the home.


Due to the changing nature of the client agent relationship, HOME & DEAL has developed a client/agent cooperation model for their clients.  The client invests a little bit of their time and in return the clients receive amazing savings. Although the client does participate in the transaction, HOME & DEAL’s clients do not lose any of the support provided by a real agent in a traditional brokerage setting.  HOME & DEAL’s network of highly knowledgeable experienced real estate experts will be there to guide and assist every step of the way. The client does do some of the work but in exchange, the client saves substantially in commissions as HOME & DEAL’s only takes a flat service fee for the services offered and refunds the remainder back to the clients saving the clients thousands of dollars.   

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