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  • How do I get started?
    Ready to sell or buy your home? Contact us at 844-580-0001 to speak with one of our highly knowledgeable real estate professionals who will answer any initial questions you may have and give you all the information you need to begin the selling and/or buying process.
  • How much is the commission for a listing?
    At HOME & DEAL we firmly believe that the homeseller should keep more of their hard earned money. Therefore, HOME & DEAL charges a 1% service fee for most listings. The seller can decide how much they would like to offer to the buyer's broker/agent. Customarily sellers will offer the buyer's side anywhere between 2% to 2.5% but this amount is entirely up to the homeseller.
  • How much commission does the homeseller have to offer to the Buyer’s agent?
    Traditionally the homeseller of a home will offer the buyer’s broker/agent a standard commission of 2.5%. You as the seller can choose the commission offered but studies show that you are likely to receive significantly more offers if the buyer is working with an agent which gives you a much better change of selling the home for more.
  • What is the HOME & DEAL rebate?
    With the information readily available on the internet, more than ever before the homebuyer has direct access to the real estate market. Often, the homebuyer is able to see what’s on the market just as quickly as their real estate agent. Therefore a lot of the searching that the real estate agent once had to do for the homebueyr is now done by the homebuyer themselves. HOME & DEAL believes that the homebuyer should be compensated for their involvement and work in the homesearching process. Once the homebuyer identifies a property to purchase, HOME & DEAL will prepare the offer on behalf of the homebuyer. Upon acceptance of the offer, HOME & DEAL will take care of whole process from the acceptance of the offer to the close of escrow and at the close of escrow HOME & DEAL will rebate the Buyer 50% of the commission earned by HOME & DEAL on the transaction.
  • Why is HOME & DEAL's service fee lower than traditional real estate brokerages?
    HOME & DEAL truly belives that the homeowner or homebuyer should keep more of what they earn in their pocket because the homeowner and homebuyer have worked extremely hard to earn their money. Due to the many technological innovations in the real estate industry the role of the agent has changed dramatically. The homebuyer and homeseller have much more information availale to them and are more involved in the buying and selling process. Therefore HOME & DEAL is committed to providing their services at a much more reasonable cost without compromising or sacraficing any of the services. HOME & DEAL will guide the homeowner and/or homebuyer from the beginning of the transaction to the close of escrow answering any questions that they have so that they are comfortable and informed throughout the entire process without charging the high commissions of the traditional brokerages.
  • Will I be working with a real estate agent?
    Yes. You will be working with a team of HOME & DEAL’s fully licensed real estate agent that will guide you through the entire process. Unlike a traditional brokerage, HOME & DEAL utilizes a team based approach where there are real estate professionals that specilaize on each aspect of the real estate transaction and will provide that expertize to the homebuyer and homeseller.
  • What does it mean “No Pressure”?
    Most of HOME & DEAL’s agents are salary based emplyees and not commission based agents so they are focused on providing the best possible real estate representation without providing any pressure to the homeowner and/or homeseller to make a decision.
  • Why "Smart" and "Open"?"
    "Smart" - Save money without sacraficing service. "Open" - You are informed of and involved in every step of the transactions and there are no hidden fees or costs.
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